Who are Haymarket Management?
Published 26th May 2020

We thought it would be appropriate for our first article to tell you who we actually are. So, who are Haymarket Management?

The Haymarket Management team is made up of property experts. Every employee has experience in building safety and management, and also has a passion for aesthetics and interior design. They currently successfully manage high-rise apartment blocks for leading property developers in the North West. Alongside this, they provide refurbishment and renovation services for anyone wanting to breathe life into their building or estate. 

Where are we based?

While based in Manchester, the Haymarket Management team manage buildings in Liverpool, Leeds and will soon be extending their services to buildings in the South of England. 

What makes Haymarket different?

If you scan the ‘About’ section of any Block Management agency, you will more than likely be struck by their similarities. But at Haymarket Management, we really are what we say and more. We are transparent and we do care. Our staff members will be honest and communicative with you from start to finish. With the number of purpose built flats increasing, it can be difficult to differentiate from one company to the next. Their knowledge of the market, alongside their ability to create a different atmosphere for each space, means your building can stand out from the crowd. 

Their friendly approach has helped them increase their portfolio, grow an experienced and established team and leave customers feeling satisfied with their new results. 

Don’t believe us? Get in touch to find out more!