Update on the Fire Safety Bill
Published 29th April 2021



Following the Grenfell fire in 2017 the Government acknowledged the need for changes in legislation to ensure residents are safe, and feel safe in their homes.

The Fire Safety Bill was drafted to bring in new measures to ensure that responsible parties are ensuring their buildings are safe against fire risks.

The main inclusions in the draft bill is that the responsible parties will be required to ensure that apartment front doors are compliant and safe, even if they are owned by individual leaseholders.  They will also be required to ensure that risks from the external walls of the building are included in the buildings fire risk assessment.

This draft bill has been read in both the House of Commons and House of Lords with amendments going back and forth for the last few months.  MPs in the House of Commons have been fighting for a clause to be included in the bill that leaseholders should not have to cover the costs of fire safety remedial works such as cladding replacement, Compartmentation issues and rectifying missing cavity barriers.

Last night (28.4.21) the consideration of amendments was concluded with the House of Lords voting against the inclusion of the clause protecting leaseholders from costs.   Their reasoning for this was that ‘the issue or remediation costs is too complex to be dealt with in the manner proposed’.

This is a huge blow to many leaseholders that own properties in buildings that require remediation works.  The Building Safety Bill is the next big change on its way for leaseholders and this may provide another opportunity for MPs to debate the responsibility of costs.

The Fire Safety Bill has now been progressed to receive Royal Assent.  Once granted, the Bill will become an Act and its contents made law.

Haymarket Management have been preparing for The Fire Safety Bill and our block managers have already changed their processes to ensure the new legislation is adhered to.

If you have any questions about how the Fire Safety Bill will affect you as a freeholder or leaseholder please get in touch at [email protected]