Haymarket Collaborations
Published 26th May 2020

Haymarket Management have had the privilege of collaborating and working with local interior designers – Alexandra Thompson. She has put her creative spin on a number of Haymarket Management projects. In this blog, we find out a little bit more about the person behind Alexandra Thompson Interiors

What is your name?

Alex Thompson 

What is your company called? 

Alexandra Thompson Interiors 

What inspired you to get into interior design?

I have always had a passion for Art, studying Art and famous Artists and Designers, has always fascinated me and always inspired me. I have always been drawn to room sets, materials, patterns and textures. When I was younger I would spend hours drawing and painting and making rooms sets with whatever off-cuts I could get my hands on! Luckily I was encouraged at home to redecorate my Bedroom on various occasions (successfully or unsuccessfully!) which gave me a real bug for creating Interiors.

Where do you draw inspiration from? 

I love travelling and visiting new places, seeing how designers have brought a space to life or tackled a tricky design problem or used unusual materials together that look incredible. Museums, Art shows, galleries and also boutique window displays in retail are all favourite sources of inspiration for me. I can spend hours looking through Design Magazines. I also keep up to date with my favourite Designers via Instagram and various blogs. They include Kelly Wearstler, Kit Kemp, Martyn Lawrence Bullard and Kelly Hoppen.

How do you manage budget in line with your vision?

 My specialist area is to work within competitive budgets to give a visually impactive scheme so I feel confident in my knowledge of the right materials and products to use to achieve this. It is always key to determine my client’s budget from the outset to work hand in hand with the design process and end vision. 

Which has been your favourite project with Haymarket Management?

There are quite a few! My favourite project to date has been the Manchester Office at Media City, this was a wonderful project that really challenged me in creating various different areas to all work within the same space and to have a flow of continuity for the team. The team is so young and vibrant I wanted to reflect this in the scheme with also a strong feel of sophistication too. It was wonderful to see the Large Green Wall Installed in Liverpool with the Values mounted on top of this which totally transformed the office.

A personal favourite was also having a larger budget to create a real luxurious feel to the latest apartments particularly in Kent and Manchester. Using some of my favourite brands of wallpaper with beautiful fabrics and cushions really brought everything together so well.

How did you find working with the Haymarket Management team? 

They are my absolute favourite team to work with! The team is always so friendly and helpful and are an absolute delight to work with. It really isn’t like work at all, everyone is so positive and there is a great energy and team spirit which is fabulous to see and work alongside.

If you’d like to see more of Alexandra’s creations, you can find her instagram page on @alexandrathompsoninteriors.