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What are your fees?
Our fees are tailored to you and your requirements. Whether it’s a large or smaller scaled project, we keep your individual needs and budget at the forefront of our work.
What are service charges and why should I have to pay them?
Service charges are payable under the terms of the lease in respect of the services which the Landlord provides to the building. The charge usually covers the cost of services such as general maintenance and repairs, buildings insurance, lighting, cleaning, fire safety, security, waste removal and so on.
How is my service charge calculated?
The lease will usually set out how the the service charge is calculated. Often, it is a percentage or proportion of the total costs of repair, maintenance, management and insurance of the building.
How can I find out where service charge monies are being spent?
A budget will be provided at the start of the Service Charge year detailing the anticipated costs for the year ahead. Following the end of the Service Charge year, you will then be provided with certified accounts which will present the actual costs incurred during such year.
I already pay a management fee to my lettings company, why am I paying a management fee as part of the service charge?
The management fee paid to your lettings company relates to the property and rental management of your tenancy. The fee within your service charge budget is the fee paid to the block management agent for the services they provide in managing the building.
Do I need to arrange buildings insurance?
Buildings Insurance is usually included as part of the Service Charge. The lease will set out provisions as to who is responsible for arranging suitable buildings insurance.
Where can I obtain a copy of my lease?
This should have been provided to you by your conveyancer when you purchased the property. You may also obtain a copy from Land Registry for a small fee.
Are there any circumstances in which I can legally withhold my service charge?
Service charges must be paid in full for the period due. There are only two circumstances where you can legally withhold payment of Service Charges, these are: Where the demand is not accompanied by the prescribed summary of rights and obligations, or, where the demand does not contain the landlord’s name and address for service.
What will happen if I fail to pay my service charge?
A reminder will be issued, however, failure to make payment after the reminder will result in you incurring additional administration costs for further payment reminders. If payment remains unpaid after reminders, the case will be passed to solicitors who will commence legal action to recover the outstanding amounts.