Building Safety Bill 20th July 2020
Published 6th April 2021

After the tragedy of the Grenfell disaster back in 2017, the Government have since prioritised the safety of residents in high-rise buildings, acting urgently with regulatory reforms that have ultimately brought fundamental changes to building safety. 

The Draft Building Safety Bill was published on the Government website on the 20th of July 2020 and has been working its way through Parliament since.  The Bill introduces further accountability to ensure the safety of the residents that reside in these high-rise buildings by putting them at the heart of the bill ensuring their voices are heard.

The Haymarket team have been reviewing the draft bill to ensure that when it comes into play, our buildings are fully compliant.


What does this mean for residents?

To ensure the safety of residents in the high-rise buildings, there will be an introduction of an ‘Accountable Person’. This individual will be responsible for the residents safety and will be required to listen to residents concerns as well as raising them where necessary. To guarantee the ‘Accountable Person’ is undertaking their duties properly, a new ‘regulator for building safety’ will be introduced by the Health and Safety Executive. As well as this, both residents and leaseholders will have access to vital safety information regarding their building. 


What does this mean for leaseholders?

The bill at present states that a ‘building safety charge’ will be payable by leaseholders to cover all building safety costs related to their buildings.  This charge will be held in a separate client bank account and only used for managing and remedying fire and safety systems within the building.  Leaseholders will have a clearer view of the safety measures their money is being used for and will be entitled to copies of H&S and fire risk assessments.   


Will the day-to-day running of the building change?

The ‘Accountable Person’, who is responsible for residents safety, will appoint a ‘Building Safety Manager’, this can be either an individual or a company. The Building Safety Manager will be responsible for maintaining the buildings safety case, which proves to the Regulator that the relevant safety procedures are being carried out to the satisfaction of the Accountable Person and the Building Safety Regulator. This Building Safety Manager will also engage with residents by producing and implementing a Resident Engagement Strategy to ensure the concerns of residents are being acknowledged and addressed. The Building Safety Manager will oversee all day to day activities on site relating to H&S and will be responsible for ensuring all maintenance operatives are qualified to work in their area. 


How Haymarket will adopt the Building Safety Bill?

Haymarket Management is dedicated to ensuring the safety of all residents in our buildings, and we will continue to manage all H&S and Fire safety aspects of our buildings. Once the Building Safety Bill has been passed in Parliament, we will take the necessary steps to ensure the Freeholders of the building we manage understand what is required of them when they appoint the Building Safety Manager. 

For more information of what the Building Safety Bill entails, you can visit the government website at 


If you wish to speak to a member of the team, please call our dedicated Haymarket Line on 0161 549 0909.