Covid-19 – How have we handled it?
Published 17th May 2020

There’s no denying that Covid-19 has completely shaken the world. As soon as there was any mention of lockdown, the Haymarket Management team jumped into action to ensure that their buildings were clean and safe for tenants. Here are some of the ways the Haymarket Management team did this. 

Preparation pre lockdown; keeping one step ahead. 

Prior to lockdown, Haymarket Management put a contingency plan together to prepare each site. This was to ensure that each building could run as normally as possible, leaving little disruption to tenants. The Haymarket Management team made sure that the necessary contractors were able to access and carry out emergency works, allowing them to continue working from home effectively and running the buildings safely. 

Provided staff with the PPE. 

While most people were told to stay in and work from home, this wasn’t possible for all of the Haymarket Management team. They have to carry out safety procedures and building walk arounds to ensure that they are compliant and in line with building regulations at all times. Therefore Haymarket Management provided all of their staff the PPE they needed to carry out their normal duties

Followed government guidance. 

Haymarket Management have closed the communal areas of the buildings. While this sparked some complaints amongst tenants, especially in regards to the gyms, it was imperative to keep everyone safe. They have also been emailing tips and advice to any tenants living in their buildings in regards to safe social distancing. 


The closing of communal areas has allowed the Haymarket Management cleaning teams to focus on the highest footfall areas (receptions and lifts) and have been able to sanitise every apartment door handle to minimise risk. 

Restricted site access.

The Haymarket Management team are only allowing contractors to enter each site for emergencies, or for works which can be carried out to the exterior of the building. 


The Haymarket Team carries out regular Block Management Zoom meetings, checking in with all of our staff and contractors and providing tenants with up to date information.